Economy for Humanity
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World Climate Watch
World Sea Level Watch

Our Initiatives

  • Economy for Humanity: Making progress towards an economy that “meets our needs, while safeguarding the Earth's life-support system, on which the wellbeing of current and future generations depends.” — read more at Economy4Humanity ...
  • Science Works For You: Information is power. Free access to information is liberation and the basis of any democratic state. We have a worldwide network of experts, and we can pose your question to the right expert to get the right, objective, and neutral answers to you. Read more at SW4U ...
  • World Climate Watch: We are developing a crowd-sourcing tool that will allow you to report climate change you experience or notice, and the impacts this has on your life, your community, and your country.
  • World Sea Level Watch: We war developing a crowd-sourcing tool for you to report the impacts of sea level rise on your life, your community, and your country.