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Remember when you were 20 years old?

You were hungry for the truth! You wanted to know the truth about everything around you. You questioned your parents, teachers, leaders and friends about politics, religion, your rights, life and the environment in general. You were transforming from a child that accepted whatever they were told to an individual who used their own capacity to understand the world around them. You wanted to make the world right. For most of us we were at our purest selves.

Be that 20 year old again. Ask questions!

  • How can a finite Earth sustain the current population growth?
  • Why is there so much mass migration?
  • Why are people in some coastal areas losing their homes and livelihood?
  • Why does it look like the glaciers are melting?
  • Why is it so dam hot?
  • Why are there so many violent storms?


And how is this going to impact my future and that of my children?

“Your 20 yr Old Self” provides scientific information in a “bite size” format that everyone can understand. Separating the signal from all the science noise around us. What is it we really need to know? Giving all of us the opportunity to think about the changes and ask ourselves “What Would You Tell Your 20 yr. Old Self?” Lets not get bogged down in politics and interest groups. We can think for ourselves! We the people would be empowered with knowledge and finally we could start a real conversation that would lead us in the right direction. There may be great answers out there and we want to open up the dialogue for our way forward.