WP 5: Stakeholder and Industry Challenges



Peer-Reviewed Publications

Reports, etc.

Presentations, Abstracts, etc.

Plag, H.-P. (presenter) et al., 2015. Task 5.6: Transdisciplinary Challenge. Presentation given at the ConnectinGEO Project team Meeting, September 23-24, 2015, Paris, France (keynote, keynote)

Plag, H.-P. (presenter) et al., 2015. Food-Water-Energy Nexus: Addressing Information Needs Through Cross-Domain Collaborations. Presentation given at the ENEON Side Event in Mexicon City, November 10, 2015 (keynote, PDF)

Plag, H.-P. (presenter) et al., 2015. Food-Water-Energy Nexus: A Challenge for the European Network of Earth Observation Networks (ENEON). Presentation given at the FUTURE EARTH WATER-ENERGY-FOOD NEXUS WORKSHOP: “Assessment of the state of knowledge related to science, integrated observations, and governance in the W-E-F Nexus,” held in Karlsruhe, Germany, November 23-25, 2015 (keynote, PDF)