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Your 20 Years Old Self
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Our Initiatives

  • Earth Viability Center: The Earth Viability Center (EVC) supports the integration and dissemination of the best available scientific knowledge on the Earth’s Life Support System (ELSS). The Center supports development of the best means of informing the general public about the long-term viability of the ELSS and the (mainly) human activities threatening the long-term viability of the ELSS. Tiwah supports the EVC with voluntary contributions including the software for the EVC web site including the collaborative platform.
  • Economy for Humanity: Making progress towards an economy that “meets our needs, while safeguarding the Earth's life-support system, on which the wellbeing of current and future generations depends.” — read more at Economy4Humanity ...
  • Your 20 Year Old Self: Separating the Signal from all the Noise. This initiative aims to provide easy to understand information about the main trends in the Earth system introduced by humanity in the most recent centuries. See more here ...
  • Science Works For You: Information is power. Free access to information is liberation and the basis of any democratic state. We have a worldwide network of experts, and we can pose your question to the right expert to get evidence-based answers to you. Read more at SW4U ...
  • The GEOSS Science and Technology Stakeholder Network (GSTSN): Tiwah leads the GSTSS and supports this network by organizing stakeholder workshops on topics relevant to GEO. The GEOSS Science and Technology Service Suite (GSTSS) is maintained by Tiwah.