WP 2: Strategic Goals, Metrics, and Indicators

Task 2.1
Task 2.2
Task 2.3
Kickoff Meeting
WS1: Metrics
WS3: EV Workshop

Task 2.1: Strategic Goals

Based on international agreements on SDGs, and scientific understanding of planetary boundaries of the safe operating space for humanity, and consistent with GEOSS Strategic Targets, Task 2.1 has the objectives to

  • Define the integrated list of strategic goals.
  • Define the metrics to measure progress towards the goals by identifying a set of indicators.
  • Organize a workshop to that discuss metrics and its quantification (including SDG) (WS1).
  • Populate the Socio-Economic and Environmental Information Needs (SEE IN) Knowledge Base (formerly User Requirements Registry) with information on the strategic goals and the metrics.
  • Define a process for monitoring progress towards the strategic goals.

As part of Task 2.1, the project organized WS1 to discuss metrics and its quantification. The Workshop page for WS1 is available at http://www.gstss.org/2015_Norfolk_3rd.