WP 2: Strategic Goals, Metrics, and Indicators

Task 2.1
Task 2.2
Task 2.3
Kickoff Meeting
WS1: Metrics
WS3: EV Workshop

Task 2.2: Essential Variables

Contribute to the formulation of lists of EVs required to reinforce the knowledge base and to quantify the metrics (indicators defined in Task 2.1) for selected communities. In GEO, some SBAs are currently discussing SBA-specific sets of EVs and they are implemented in the (SEE IN) Knowledge Base. The goal is to identify an integrated set of EVs balanced between different SBAs that can support a prioritization of EO networks:

  • Organize an internal project meeting about the current status of the EVs and determine how to make progress.
  • Organize an initial workshop about EVs with representatives of all SBA (WS3). The aim is to share experiences between communities that already have EV defined with others that are in the process of doing it.
  • Contribute to develop drafts of SBA-specific EVs for Carbon (CMCC), Health and Pollution (CNR-IIA), Ecosystems (CNR-ISAC), Biodiversity (CNR- ISSIA), Energy (ARMINES), Disasters (TIWAH) and Oceans (CSIC).
  • Populate the "SEE IN Knowledge Base" (formerly URR) with an integrated set of EVs.
  • Generate scientific literature about the EVs.

As part of Task 2.2, the project is organizing WS3. The Workshop page for WS3 is available at http://www.gstss.org/2015_Bari.