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They talk about the unknown future — We provide guidance for the journey


Together with our partners, we are leaders in assessing and communicating emerging threats and risks and mitigating their impact on the world and humanity. We realize that the increasing speed of change introduces mounting and challenging uncertainty and we are leaders in addressing the complexity of planning for sustainable and resilient communities with the ability to adapt to an unknown future.

Our Vision

A future where humanity will look at itself, realize its beauty, understand its interconnectedness with Earth and its inhabitants, and act accordingly.

Our Actions

We believe that access to knowledge is key for progress towards sustainability and resilience. We work towards better access to knowledge for everybody by improving access to Earth observations and the information derived from the data; we make tools available that ease the access to quality-controlled information and to experts; we contribute to knowledge dissemination; and we help to create new knowledge. Our focus is not only on sustainability, environmental, climate, and business intelligence, but also on social intelligence.

An Expert Company

Tiwah provides access to a global network of world leading experts in a wide range of fields. By providing expert support to a wide range of clients, our goal is to promote a transition in the way we are in the world and the way we view ourselves. This goal guides the choice of activities, programs and projects that Tiwah engages in. Consistent with our vision and goals, we support governments, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, commercial companies, and individuals in all problems related to a better understanding of the world and of ourselves. Examples of our work include the cultural heritage, sustainable cities, adaptation to sea level rise, science-based assessments, and increasing the transparency of decision making at all levels from international down to local governments and administrations. Our services are relevant to resilience, sustainability, climate change adaptation, and disaster risk reduction.

A Virtual Company

The organizational concept of Tiwah is a novel approach based on a virtual structure encompassing the whole planet. Our staff does not work in a fixed location but is distributed in different places. Like the synapses in our brain, we work together through modern communication technologies, coordinate our work and integrate it through web-based tools. This concept allows us access to world-leading expertise when needed. This gives every expert who joins Tiwah the opportunity to continue life in the same location, with no necessity to relocate. Moreover, experts can commit to Tiwah at the level needed and continue to have other jobs as they please. This flexible approach ensures that we can respond to new challenges rapidly and in a very flexible manner.